Tuesday, September 24, 2013

6 Lessons Learned on the Weekend Football Field

This past Saturday I had the joy of watching my oldest son play his weekend tackle football game.  With the amount of heart and soul those young guys pour out on the field, I can't help but feel inspired each time I take in a game.  Captivated by their gusto, I jotted down a few observations from the sidelines which I found applicable to many areas of life.  Here they are:

1.  Listen to the coach.  There are a thousand voices clamoring from the sidelines begging for your attention.  One is important:  the coach's.

2.  When you're on offense, push forward with all your might and gain yardage.

3.  When playing defense, hold your ground.

4.  The play isn't over until it's over.  No tackle is complete until your opponent is on the ground.  {Disclaimer:  clearly we're talking football here.  If you apply this to other areas of life, this is a figurative and not literal statement.  Tackle your circumstances, not people, please.}

5.  Never underestimate your opponent.  Never be found lacking in your delivery.  Bring 100 per cent to the field unconditionally.

6.  Show up ready to go.  Arrive 15 minutes early to the game.  Sprint on and sprint off; no shuffling of feet.

7.  "Your effort is what makes you different."  As quoted by one of our wonderful assistant coaches.  Your skill level and circumstances may be similar to a thousand others out there in any given area, but your effort will be the tipping point.  Don't give up.

Enjoy today,

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