Monday, June 2, 2014

Sweet Summertime ~ 6 Fresh Ideas To Make The Most Of The Moments

So, it's here.  Unofficially, summer has arrived.

What to do with that?

Get out there and enjoy it, of course!

Here are some great summery ideas for you:

1.  Plant a garden.  This can be as simple as tending to what you already have or putting in some annuals or seeds.  Either way, get some soil under your fingernails!

2.  Catch some waves.  Find a body of water ~ any body of water ~ and get on in it.  Be it the ocean, a river or local lake, wild water is good stuff.

3.  Paint those piggies.  Sprucing up your toenails with a fun summer hue doesn't have to be an elaborate process.  Give your soles a quick pumice in the shower, followed by a lather of lotion and coat of color.

4.  Meander.  I enjoy nothing more than a good hike through the forest, along a sandy beach; or even a simple walk through the neighborhood.  Completely brain cleansing, I tell  you.

5.  Laugh.  Try it.  I've even taken to practicing smiling when I'm going about my housework.  It's true ~ weird ~ but true.

6.  Eat more ice cream.  Enough said.

Enjoy today,