Saturday, March 14, 2015

Preventable Disease

Dear friend,
Sometimes the daily chore of scrubbing toilets can get old. Really old. Trust me, I know. I do it for a living. wink emoticon But here's the thing. If you are reading this post, most likely your toilet is a nice gleaming porcelain white when you are finished, nestled in a tidy corner of your sanitary bathroom in your cozy home. 
This past week, a missions team carried 50 pounds of our handmade soaps here, to Guatemala, to give to impoverished people. And these are their toilets. If they have one. Not so sanitary, right? 
Thousands of people die every day worldwide from preventable disease. Soap helps scrub away germs. The fact is, many people around the world lack the means to procure even a bar of soap. 
Thank you for being an integral part of our mission and helping to distribute this essential, natural and hopeful soap hand-to-hand, in the name of Jesus. We love you all. heart e