Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Keepin' It Simple

Sometimes the simple things are best.  I love a good crunchy apple; either plain, smeared with natural peanut butter or coupled with chunks of cheese.  Pair that with a tall glass of water and you have yourself a perfect snack or even a small meal.

A basket of apples enjoying its view from my kitchen island
Simmering on the stove this morning I have the last of the Thanksgiving turkey carcass from the freezer in a pot of water with some onion, celery and parsley to become tonight's nourishing soup.  Everyone in our family loves homemade turkey noodle soup!

Today, why not try to keep it simple.  Look around; see what you have on hand to make a nice easy meal or snack.  Maybe you have some fresh fruits to slice up and enjoy.  Perhaps there are a few neglected veggies getting a little limp in your refrigerator.  Chop those babies up and whip up a soup!  Most often, simple eating is not only easier on your schedule, but better for your body and mind as well.

Enjoy today,

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