Wednesday, April 4, 2012

History Repeating

"Dad, not again!" 


"Ohhhhhhhhh....please hurry.  Please, before someone sees!"

We groaned from the sticky vinyl seats in our maroon-colored Station Wagon with the faux wood- grain paneling.  He was at it again.  This time on a road trip. 

He pulled over, called my big brother Jamie to follow him, and quickly began hoisting the ancient paint-smattered oak dresser atop our vehicle, securing it with bungee cords. 

This was a common scene in my childhood.  As children we just didn't get it.  From our perspective we were picking up someone's trash.  But my dad saw the beauty underneath the tarnished finishes and just couldn't bear the thought of all that goodness rotting away in a city dump somewhere.  

As is often the case, history repeats itself.  I, now, at the ripe old age of 33, have a habit of rescuing the crumbling, the worn, the tired pieces I see with some potential still left.  

Yesterday I gave our front porch a quick makeover with these gathered bits and pieces.  The chair you see?  It was green and had seen much better days.  A quick coat of spray paint freshened it up.  The pillow is an old one I've had that I sewed a new cover for from a thrift store sheet ~ $1.50.  

That brings us to the table, my favorite by far.  Josh hauled it home for me from a curbside rescue.  Yes, I've converted him over the years and he now picks things up and drops them on my doorstep of his own accord in a sweet act of love.  That man knows what makes my heart sing! 

This little table is certainly a fossil of past times:  paint peeling, the works.  A quick spray paint of the base with an almond-colored hue, and then a few coats of spray-on chalkboard paint on the top made this baby brand-spankin' new! 

I picked up the seashell dish at a flea market for $2.00.  The terra cotta pots are thrifted as well, at $.78  apiece, then filled with some nice shade-loving impatiens (on sale, of course!). 

My man and I now have a nice new-to-us area to drink our morning coffee while we read the Bible together and watch the birds on our bird feeder.  This is one of the delights of our day.  

Decorating doesn't have to be costly or mind-consuming.  Simple things can make a big difference and bring a bit of inspiration and zest to your day.

How have you spruced up your home this spring?

Enjoy today,

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  1. I love it! Remember when Dad stopped in our neighborhood & there were kids y'all knew playing in the street? Mortification! But he still has what we call a "ministry of reclamation". (Wonder if Jamie will comment...?). ~Love,Mom