Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Isaac's Miracles

My youngest, Isaac, spent his hard-earned cash this past week at the local garden center on a container of marigolds.  He quickly came home and planted them in the front of our flowerbed; squashing up the roots with his still small five-year-old hands, free of age or wear.  He patted the warm soil gently around his little flowers  and followed it all up with a good dousing from his metal watering can.
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Every day he proudly points to his "miracles" and shows us how they are growing. 

Yes, we've told him a hundred thousand times they are "marigolds", not "miracles"; but really, do I really want him to stop calling them miracles?  I don't think so.  Maybe he sees something we don't.

Today is a possible day.

Anything is possible.

Isaac knows this.  Every young child knows this.

You used to know it.  Do you still?

When you were 5, 10, 15; you knew it.  What did life look like then?  What did you dream of?

I'll tell you a few of mine.  I saw myself grown as a woman married to a handsome man who loves Jesus.  Together we would have a passel of beautiful children full of life.  I dreamed of gardens:  flowers, veggies, birds and life flourishing.  I imagined laughter abounding and love overflowing.  I saw learning taking place in every moment, every day; basking in the glorious love and care of our Savior Jesus Christ.
Easter Sunday

Today, on this day ripe with possibility, why not live as you once dreamed?

Why not laugh from your belly, let your smiles grow wide and not quickly fade; and love fully?

Why not receive love with an open heart today?  Resist the urge to cloak yourself in protective armor;  let your soft underbelly show.  (This is figurative, people.  Important note for the more literal among us.)

Why not give away more things, and hold people more tightly?

Why not lose yourself in the Word of God?

Why not comfort and sit with the broken-hearted?

Today is a possible day, full of miracles.  See them.

Enjoy today,

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