Wednesday, December 12, 2012


It's been a busy couple of weeks around the soap shop, as I'm sure it has been for all of you!  December always brings with it a joyous hustle and bustle; a bit of scurrying from here to there.

In this midst of this Christmas season, our family took our last week of vacation for the year.  Instead of going somewhere, we stayed home on a "staycation".  Every now and then we like to do this instead of traveling.  We use the time instead to be together and make new memories in a cost-effective manner, take care of home projects and do a general scrub-down of our house.

We spent the time baking our annual Christmas cookies together as a family.  The recipe list this year included gingerbread men, snowballs, sugar cookies and peanut butter kiss cookies.  We do this each year in December.  Once finished, we give them as our Christmas gifts to my husband's co-workers and our neighbors.  It's a tradition our children really look forward to!
We also used the time to give our living room a much-needed fresh coat of paint.  Sprucing up and clearing out for the holidays always helps to set my spirit still before all of the busyness sets in!

Each of these cleaning and sprucing activities serves a purpose in our family's mission.  We do these things so that we may better focus on what is important and essential.  We have found that the more simply we live, the more time we have for our favorite traditions such as the making and delivering of the cookies.

I heard it said this past week that we are always in the process of glorifying something; always making someone great.  This set me to thinking.  How little can I make of my surroundings and myself, so that God can be glorified and magnified in our family's life?

May we become less, that He may become greater.

Enjoy today,

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