Thursday, June 6, 2013

Grow What You Eat; Eat What You Grow

Tonight's dinner was a beautiful combination of red-skin potatoes, lettuce mix, sugar snap peas and grilled chicken.  And the best part?  85% of it was from our backyard garden!  That's right; all of the veggies pictured, including the dill and parsley seasoning the potatoes, were picked from our backyard a mere 30 minutes before the meal. 

People often ask me what I do with all of the veggies we grow and eggs our chickens will produce.  "Eat them!"  I enthusiastically reply.  This backyard production really helps to offset our grocery budget, as well as provide necessary vitamins and nutrients for our bodies. 

So get out there and get growing!  It's always a great time to start.

Enjoy today,

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