Monday, July 22, 2013

At Last

It hasn't rained here in days.  Whenever that happens mid-summer, it feels as if the earth reaches a point of just dry, hard-packed ground.  Okay, I know I'm being a little melodramatic here, but in the heat of summer when the temperatures soar high in the morning and don't come back just starts to feel like the desert. 

I think I heard my garden audibly sigh as the sky cracked open and the first gush fell.  Forty-five minutes later, it's still coming down.  That sweet soaking summer rain. 

The chickens all ran for cover under the nesting box, waiting the storm out.

The rain will pass and the earth will dry out again.  But for now, the soil is back to that beautiful rich brown humus ~ and the dusty garden beds are a thing of the past.

Embrace the moment.

Enjoy today,

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