Tuesday, July 23, 2013

You're Only As Strong As Your Snacks

I just finished my morning bike ride and head straight back to the garden for a quick snack.  Plucking a ripe cherry tomato off the vine, I next visit my basil.  I tear off a few tender leaves and wrap one singular leaf around each cherry red orb.  

Then I bite.  And, oh, that full summer flavor explodes in my mouth.

Last week our church family had the honor of framing out two houses to be given to two separate Virginia-based families in need of homes.  The temps soared to the high 90's as the sun beat down upon us.  I took a few extra trail mix packets and bottles of water from the snack bin our dear senior saints were passing out and walked around encouraging others to eat and drink some as well.

"You're only as strong as your snacks".  I repeated again and again.

Sure, it sounds a bit funny.  But true, right?  {Physically speaking, of course.  We could get into a whole spiritual analogy here; but that's another blog post for another day.}  We lead busy lives.  We have full schedules.  We can only expect to be able to move forward in full energy if we are fueling our bodies with good stuff ~ the nutrients that it requires to complete the tasks you are asking it to do. 

You wouldn't pour sand in your gas tank and then expect your car to run at premium efficiency, would you?  Our bodies are designed to work optimally when they are filled with the fuel they were created to process ~ food, real food.  

So go ahead and get yourself a snack.  Something real.  Something your body can run on.

Enjoy today,

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