Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sittin' Pretty

Bee Balm In My Garden
There she sits, spiky hair all askew, soaking up the morning sun in my garden.  Yes, yes, I know, technically people "sit" and objects "set".  But I tell you, this little girl with her hot pink hair flying every which way, she is sitting in my garden.  Living it up.
Day Lily Among the Black-Eyed Susans
One of my favorite quotes is this, by Emerson, "Earth laughs in flowers."

Do you see it?  This big giant beautiful ball of earth that our Creator, God, has set in motion, rolling with laughter in the fields of flowers?  Giggling in the pockets of clover on your lawn, shyly smiling in the violets peaking out from that drainage pipe.
Aerial View of this Beauty, Gently Graced with Mint
Have you laughed recently?  A good hard belly laugh. It can start with just a chuckle.

Give it a whirl.  Need inspiration?  Have a conversation with a child.  You'll both be laughing within just a few moments, I guarantee it.
Butterfly Bush in Bloom

All this beauty God has sprung up from the ground right in my front yard!  I know that all elements of this earth work together in tiny microcosms and one giant ecosystem; but I think too, He just loves to see His children smile.  

He loves that our souls relax and find rest in Him when we inhale deeply of His creation and the work of His hands.

And He loves to hear us laugh.

"He will yet fill your mouth with laughter
    and your lips with shouts of joy." ~Job 8:21

Enjoy today,

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  1. Oh yes! A laugh has away of inhancing a moment. I was recently sitting with my love. And something was said during our couch time and i started laughing and thought more on it and started laughing. And i couldnt stop, it just made that moment happier. Because we just laughed together. And I was in need today of a smile. And just.talking with my son did that...