Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Spotlight On: Simply Spearmint

Groggy from sleep you hit the buttons on your morning alarm with clumsy fingers and fumble for the snooze option.  Stumbling from the warmth of your covers, you trip your way to the bathroom.  Grasping the cold metal of the faucet, you turn it all the way to hot to get some steam going. 
Simply Spearmint Soap
You reach for your bar of Simply Spearmint.  As the water hits the soap, the essential oil begins to release its scent and the room fills with energizing spearmint.  Sleep falls away from your mind, and you begin to look forward to the day ahead. 

Yes, this is just soap.  I recognize this.  But, whoa there, Nellie.  Just soap?!?  Do you recognize how powerful a good bar of all-natural soap can be first thing in the morning?  To reach for something real, something made by another person's hands instead of mass-produced by machine?

Try it for yourself.  Start working in some habits that build your body, mind and spirit instead of just numbing your mind to the realities of the day.  A good, chunky bar of all-natural soap can work wonders in your morning routine.  

Enjoy today,

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  1. Love our train of thought! LOL I did use the spearmint soap this AM and it woke me up!