Friday, October 11, 2013

To Hold On

I cherish each moment I get to spend with my little ones; because the fact is, they won't be little for much longer.  There aren't many more years I will even be able to use the phrase "little ones" in regards to my three.  I may be wearing out its welcome already.

But isn't that what mothers do best?  We hold on. 

During a time in our history when now, more than ever before, childhood slips away all too quickly, I think a bit of holding on is a very good thing indeed.  

These moments look different for each of us in our different situations and seasons.

For me right now, it means a giggly nine-year-old girl with long locks whipping my cheeks as she snuggles on my lap during a big brother's football game.  It means a seven-year-old boy who still says I'm the prettiest woman alive and kisses me multiple times per day.  And it means an inquisitive dreamer of a 10-year-old who shares his ponderings and innovative ideas with me at random moments throughout the day.

What does it look like for you?  What moments are you gifted with by God to cherish and treasure?

Maybe they involve your children.  Perhaps your own brood is grown and gone and you are now treasuring grandchildren.  Or for you the treasuring looks like loving a spouse and laying yourself down for them.  Or perhaps it is laughing with your co-workers, or growing with your church family.

Be whatever it is for you in this moment, in this specific frame of time; embrace and enjoy it to the full.  These moments are God's gifts to you.  

Enjoy today,

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