Tuesday, September 18, 2012

An Unexpected Surprise

A few years back, I purchased some material to make some fall aprons.  I carefully chose my fabrics and was so inspired by the rich hues and autumn patterns.  I just couldn't wait to get started!

That night I ironed the fabric and got to work.  Measuring and snipping while music played in the background, the scissors and fabric were scattered all about.  Inspiration was thick in the air.

About 15 minutes into my project, I started lining up the pieces I had cut and realization began to set in.  I had trimmed them all wrong.  In my haste and excitement, I had made a major mistake with the pattern and now couldn't finish the aprons.  

I sat staring (possibly a bit forlornly) at the fabric and mourned the aprons that would not be.  What a waste.

As I looked longer, though, a new idea began to simmer. 

I quickly began turning my fabric this way and that, and a nice fall throw quilt for our couch started to come together.

Our family's favorite fall quilt

Adding some cotton batting on the inside and a thick layer of tan corduroy on the back, I quilted it all together with a stipple pattern. 

The finished product quickly became our family's favorite fall quilt, and we look forward to bringing it out of the attic each autumn to enjoy during the crisp weather. 
Quilt in the morning mist
Try turning over a problem today and looking at it in a new light.  Perhaps it was actually meant to be something other than what you had originally planned.  

Enjoy today,

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