Monday, September 24, 2012

Catching the Drips

"Pling.  Pling.  Pling."

You know the sound.  A faucet that is turned on and just won't turn off.

"Pling.  Pling."

This is what hit my ears when my feet hit the ground Sunday morning. 

I grasped the cold metal handle and raised it.  Lowered it.  Shifted it to the right; then left. 

Pushed it all the way down.  Eased it up ever so slowly.


There's no escaping it.  My faucet needs repair.

I stared at it.  Prayed over it.  I let my husband know we would need to fix it.

What else to do?
Gathering up my houseplants in my arms, I brought them in, one by one, and allowed them to sit under the slow and continuous drip.  

This drip that annoys me; it provides a nice long soaking bath for my dry plants.  They loved it.  Sat there for hours and just drank it in. 

Look around with open eyes.  Are there any drips you can catch today?  

Enjoy today,

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