Saturday, November 19, 2011

Becoming Childlike

Her middle name is Noel, meaning Christmas.  We prayed and chose this name for her because we were thrilled to find out on Christmas Eve, eight years ago, that the Lord was blessing us with a second child.  Giddy with the excitement of it and so thankful for the gift of a new baby, we told no one that night.  Instead, Josh and I cherished our news quietly and joyfully between the two of us.

She sold some of her toys on Craig's List this past week.  I thought she would keep the money, maybe save it up for something special.  As I handed her the bills, neatly folded, she turned to me smiling wide and said, "Mama, can you take me Christmas shopping, please?"

Tannah's gift for her daddy
Each time we were out this past week, Tannah has picked up a few different gifts for those on her Christmas list. Weighing each of her purchases in her mind, she will carry something around the store for a bit; possibly purchase it, possibly put it back on the shelf deciding that it is not quite right for the person she is gifting it to.  Each evening she carefully retrieves the wrapping paper, scissors and Scotch tape down from the top shelf and sets to work in her bedroom wrapping, choosing her own bows, tying them on and customizing the labels.
This sweet little girl holds within her a gift of a generous spirit and a heart of love.  Her hands and heart are more open than anyone I have ever known.  It has been this way since she was very small.

"I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." ~Matthew 18:3

Abba ~ Change my heart this day and make me as a little child.  Soften the hard places found in me.  Open my hands and heart that I may hold nothing but you.  In the name of Jesus ~ Amen.

Enjoy today,


  1. Oh what a special gift she is! That was such a beautiful gift!

  2. Oh how I love that girl! A gift from Tannah is a treasure because it comes from her heart to yours...