Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Spotlight On: Citrus Clove

Today I would like to highlight for you our delicious citrus clove bar.  I have found over recent weeks that it has turned out to be a very popular bar, particularly during these fall months as the air turns chillier and thoughts turn toward Thanksgiving and the holidays.  It is a cozy bar, with the heady scent of cloves to warm up those brisk mornings; while the fresh citrus twists of orange, lemon and grapefruit complete the package.

Citrus Clove
As with all of our products at lavame clean, we use only natural ingredients to build our soaps. You will find in our citrus clove bar: olive oil, coconut oil, pure water, 100 per cent pure essential oils of clove, lemon, orange and grapefruit, and a dash of ground cloves.

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Over the years, cloves have been found to have antiseptic properties. Cloves are also reputed to possess aphrodisiac qualities, as well as being an excellent stress reliever. Its woody fragrance adds a nice spice to this soap.

Citrus essential oils are known to both uplift and refresh the mood. Citrus oils also help support the immune system. Invigorating in nature, they give a quick burst of fresh life to your shower or bath experience.

All of our essential oils are always 100 per cent pure essential oil. We never use artificial fragrance or coloring in any our soaps. The beautiful coloring you observe in your handmade bar of citrus clove soap is derived completely from the sprinkling of ground cloves added in. We lovingly handcraft each bar of soap in our own kitchen; at which point it is delivered to you, from our hands to yours.

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