Monday, November 7, 2011

A Witness to Beauty

He slowly hobbled down the teal-carpeted church aisle, leaning heavily on the worn oak cane in his grasp.  She was at his side, a sweet stooped older woman with her mass of gray curls spilling every which way out of her black "for church" hat.  They lowered their weary bodies onto the padded pew, right there in the very front, facing the pulpit.  

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It was one of those exceptional moments that gave one pause in an otherwise ordinary Sunday.  There was nothing unique about this particular Sunday, except for the fact that our church family had been hosting a group of homeless citizens overnight in our church building for the week to help keep them out of the cold elements.  This couple coming in to join us lived in their car.  They had slept there through the night and came ready to join us in worship to the Lord that morning.
When the first note was played, the man raised his hands with a broad smile and began clapping loudly and joyfully.  As the service continued,  his body would gently dip down with the beat, then his hands would lift ever so slightly as he would play the air guitar.  Giving all he had, he lost himself in the music.

Some twenty minutes later during the sermon I glanced over again.  There he sat, listening ever so intently as the preacher brought the word.  Eyes focused clearly in front of him, he appeared to be absorbed in the moment.  I watched as he looked over at the woman seated next to him; the sweet little lady who had trekked in with him.

He lovingly reached over and swept her little black church hat off her head.  Underneath she wore an old knitted purple cap pulled tightly about  her crown.  The little black church hat was almost swallowed up by his large tired hands.  He held it in a gentle caress, turning it round and round.  Every miniscule piece of lint his eyes found, he plucked off in one swift move.

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Facing the hat toward him, he examined the rhinestones adorning the front of it.  He turned one here, adjusted one there, until at last he was satisfied.  Smoothing and straightening the brim, he carefully positioned it back upon her head with as much honor as one would crown a beautiful and rare princess.

You see, she is God's princess.  His beautiful created child.  And that gentleman with his dipping and swaying before the throne of God is infinitely dear to the heart of our Abba.  The two of them, they have value beyond any riches to our Heavenly Father.

This day, may you know through the fullness of the grace of Jesus Christ your infinite value to God; and may you extend that same value and love through Christ to others.

"Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter."  ~John Keats 

Enjoy today,

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