Thursday, November 3, 2011

Open Eyes

"Finally, the pilot and a couple of Waodani and I unwrapped Aunt Rachel's shroud and lifted her body from the plane into the simple plywood box that would serve as her coffin.  It seemed appropriate for this old Saint who had never worried about luxuries or her own comfort.  Its rustic simplicity matched her house, which sat just a hundred yards down the trail."  ~Excerpt from "End of the Spear", by Steve Saint

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This woman described above, Rachel Saint, had lived almost 40 years of her life in the Ecuadorian jungle, ministering to and with the Waodani Indian tribe there.   She died at the age of 80 after a good, long life fulfilling God's purpose for her.

The people she loved so dearly for God's kingdom, the Waodani, lovingly called her "Star".  Engraved on her grave marker in Ecuador are these words spoken by by one of her Waodani brothers, "Teaching us to walk God's trail, Star came."

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Here is the thing.  God may call you to a distant land you have never been to; to a far-reaching place where no airplane has ever entered, to a people who are unreceptive and possibly even openly hostile toward the gospel. 

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Or He may call you to stand up, walk out of your front door and bring a plate of cookies and a smile to your widowed  next-door neighbor who believes no one cares for her anymore. 

Wherever He is calling, will you go?  Whenever He calls, are you ready?  See, He is always calling.  He never stops.  Every moment of every day, His Spirit is there, quietly whispering, "Go."  "Go."  "Go."  He nudges, He prods, He gently leads.  But the fact is, He doesn't stop.  For our time is very, very short, and this world He loves is desperately in need of Him.

Abba Father,

In the name of Jesus I ask that every follower of You, every person who proclaims the name of Jesus Christ and wears it branded across their heart as belonging to You, would this day rise up and open their mouths to proclaim Your glory alone. 

You tell us that the fields are ripe with harvest.  That the workers are few.  This day, open wide Your floodgates and may the workers be many. 

Open our eyes wide to see Your glory.  Tear the scales off our eyes that we may see people, Your dearly loved people, all around us, everywhere; and respond.  Remove all fear from our beings and may we trust You and You alone.  Give us Your words to speak and the boldness with which to do it.  Cloak us in love.

May we make little of ourselves and much of You.  For You alone are holy.

In Jesus' name,


Enjoy today,

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