Wednesday, March 28, 2012


We almost named our second-born, our daughter, Haven.  She ended up a Tannah, as that just seemed like it was the right one for her.

Haven ~ a safe place, a place to call home; a place of rest, simplicity, and even beauty.  These are the thoughts, the feelings, that are evoked in me when I think of the word.

My boys' room after I redecorated...inspiration for what it will look like later today!

Today, my house is all a-scattered.  Laundry piles, both clean and dirty, abound.  There are overflowing closets, beds to be made with fresh sheets, and dishes washed.

This is a busy season for our family.  I'm guessing we're not alone in this.  It is most likely a very busy season for everyone.  And yet, in our busyness, I seek to create a place of refuge for my family and all who may grace our home with their welcome presence; a place of stillness set apart from the whirlwind that is sometimes life.   
Making the beds, fresh sheets headed our way soon!
 Usually I practice balance in the daily housekeeping of my home.  A daily tidy for all areas, paired with a bit of organizing here and there keeps things in good function.

Today is different though.  I can just feel it.  Do you ever get there?  It's a no-holds barred kind of day.  I'm turning some brilliant piano music up loud and throwing the hair up in a pony.  We'll have all hands on deck (watch out, kids!), and we're throwing balance to the wind.  It's a get it done kind of day.
A bit of whimsy framed becomes a thing of beauty

Why?  What is the catalyst, you say?  Well, maybe you didn't say it, but I believe strongly in having a good firm why behind each action.  

My man works hard.  I want him, and our whole family, to have a place of rest we can come to for rejuvenation and refreshment in the Lord.  It is my desire that when we are in our home we find it to be a haven, a place of peace and rest...and JOY!  A place where God dwells, laughter happens daily and we all grow together.  
A cleared-off dresser; to my soul

A place where anyone and everyone is welcome and can come and rest in the presence of the Lord.

So there you have it.  Ponytail, tennis shoes, loud piano music, here we come.

Enjoy today,

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  1. Are you listening to Jon Schmidt of the Piano Guys? I did the treadmill today to "Waterfall" and "All of Me". After watching the videos on youtube, I truly can envision the phrase "fingers dancing on the piano"! Have a satisfyingly productive day!! Love you! ~Mom

  2. I I've succumbed to letting Caleb pump out the "Royal Tailor" ~ a Christian band he just loves. Way to go on the treadmill!!