Monday, March 5, 2012

The King And I

I often re-read the journal and prayers I kept during our time in Colombia last summer. 

I wrote.  Slowly and carefully, I consciously penned each impression He pressed upon my heart while there.  Scribbling furiously away whenever a quick moment could be grasped, I wrote.  I didn't want to lose one iota of what He was teaching me, where He was leading and the love He was washing over me each day.

"Yesterday Caleb said he wanted to live in Colombia when he grew up.  I asked him if he wanted to be a missionary."

El pavo ~ the camp peacock
 "He replied with a maybe.  Then he said, 'Or the Johnny Appleseed of Colombia and plant palm trees so coconuts will grow; or maybe a peacock tamer.'" (excerpt from Colombia journal)

There were days I captured the tangible sorts of memories such as these.  And then there were the early morning moments sitting alone in a white plastic chair with a hot cup of coffee and journal in hand before our work began; just my God, me and the howler monkeys' music.  

That's what I love about Yahweh.  Here, at home, He and I spend time together first thing every morning before the day begins, often before the sun makes its appearance.  And there, in South America, He and I spent time together each morning still before the day began.  He was there, and He is here.

Without the noise all around us that is usually so prevalent, how audible His voice. 

His voice is always clear when we drop away the excess, slough off the dead skin in our lives, shed the sin that is weighing us down and travel lightly in communion with His Spirit.  

Early morning view of the Andes Mountains from the camp

"I've been awake since 2:30 a.m.  I think.  I went ahead and got up.  It's about 5 a.m.

Brewing a pot of coffee now.

The moon is just a wee sliver of a thing -- a smile gracing the lower portion of the full dark orb's circumference." (excerpt from Colombia journal)

My quiet moments with the Lord Jesus are more precious to me than anything in this world.

"But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart."  ~Luke 2:19

These moments are sacred spaces when time is stilled.  It's just the King and I meeting Spirit to soul.  I look deep into His eyes, attempting with my frail human mind to glimpse eternity there. 

He ministers to me on levels that no one else can even understand; yet He understands because He is my Maker who formed me.  These moments are just pure divinity and glory. 

"Deep calls to deep
at the roar of Your waterfalls;
all Your breakers and Your waves
have gone over me."  ~Psalm 42:7

Have you met with Jesus recently?  Find a stretch of time and let His love wash over you.  Ask Him to speak to you; open His word and listen.

Enjoy today,

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