Thursday, February 16, 2012

I {heart} P90X

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Me on start day, pre-first P90X video, enjoying a homemade doughnut and delaying the workout...

Dinner was over. Lounging around the living room, soaking in laughter and friendship, the topic of P90X came up. Josh, my husband, decided that he would be starting the workout regimen the following Monday. And then my name got thrown in the mix, too, with all the others that were going to be doing it.

"Ummm...have you ever been at a place where you're just comfortable with your abs as they are? I mean, do they really need to be a washboard?? Really??"

I continued. "You know, I garden, I walk and jog with our children, I run around cleaning...I'm all set, right? Right??"

I prayed about it over the weekend. Yes, prayed. Because I take seriously the commitments that I make before the Lord; and secondly, because this is not my body.    It is the Lord's.

And now I'm halfway through week 2 of P90X. And you know what? I like it. I really do. Or as the DVD instructor would say, "I hate it; but I LOVE it." I so get that now.

I can't say yet that I look forward to the workouts. But I'm always glad when they're done.

Benefits? My energy level has already increased. I have more natural endorphins and zest running through my mind and body to serve the Lord daily. Life takes on just a bit more of a rosy glow when I am exercising my body hard every day.

And one of the best benefits, I believe, is this. My husband, my partner, asked me to join him in something. And instead of protesting (well, there was just a bit of that), I joined him with a glad heart (had to work on the glad part). We are working on a goal together, and it is a great goal that is good for our bodies, our families and our relationship.

What about you? Is there something God, or your spouse, has been challenging you to do that you've been dragging your feet on? There's no time like the present to get started. Seize the day!

Enjoy today,

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