Friday, February 24, 2012


Perfect time to get a manicure in
It was a shoes off kind of day.  Roll up the jeans and spread out a quilt.  That kind of day.  The weather forecast was spectacular.  We simply couldn't stay home.  It reached a high of 73 degrees with blue skies all the day long! 

Flower Picking

We quickly completed our morning household chores, packed a picnic lunch for the grill, a quilt, a football, a good paperback, some nail know, the essentials.  And we were off to a local park!

The children rolled repeatedly down a grassy hill all morning.  Their laughter rang all around us and was so good to hear, as they coached one another on the best positions of the arms and legs in order to get a faster, straighter roll down.  We enjoyed a simple grilled lunch of chicken, macaroni and cheese and green beans.

I look forward to these bouquets all year!
My favorite quote of the day had to be when Josh read the label on the BBQ sauce and asked, "What exactly is corn syrup, anyway?"  Caleb, incredulous, responded, "Corn syrup???  Only the mother of all things bad!"  Love it.  Apparently, several of my nutrition lessons have sunk in.

My prized bouquet

We relished every God-given moment of our day together yesterday.

When you get the chance...take your shoes off!  Let your toes wiggle in the warm grass.  Allow the sunshine to warm every bit of your winter-weary body.  And be sure and give thanks to the Creator of all of these marvelous gifts!

Enjoy today,


  1. Sigh, unfortunately if I took my shoes off outside today it would be in about 4 inches of snow. But it makes us appreciate spring even more! Its good snow for packing; wish the kids were here for snowmen! ~love, Mom

  2. Spring is coming! It's really not so far away. We sure did enjoy that warm summer-like day, even though it's back to chilly temperatures here, too!