Friday, February 3, 2012

Flavor-Filled Nutrition

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On Fridays, I like to think ahead to the weekend at hand and plan and prepare for the meals we will be enjoying. Weekends are usually a busy time for us, full of fellowship, fun and service; so I like to plan to be prepared to feed my family as well as others.

Here's what I'm cooking up in my kitchen today.

I am preparing pizza crust for guests who will be visiting us this evening. There are a good number of little ones coming over, so we're having "Make Your Own Pizza" night. We will have the dough ready to go, as well as all sorts of toppings and cheeses for everyone to get creative and enjoy some laughs!

I have a batch of bread dough rising in my bread machine, made with freshly ground whole wheat. This is enough for two loaves, which is perfect for our family for the weekend. I also ground up three extra cups of whole wheat in order to make a couple batches of whole wheat peanut butter oat chocolate chip cookies for the weekend. Now that's a winning combination of ingredients!

I sent my husband off to work early this morning with a peanut butter banana smoothie, and the children and I all enjoyed one together as well. We make these with frozen bananas, all-natural peanut butter, milk or soy milk, a sprinkle of cinnamon and a dash of vanilla.

We drink these smoothies a few times a week for breakfast. They have all the nutrients we need in them for the morning, are delicious, economical and keep us well-fueled until lunch.

And lunch? Easy peasy. We will all eat some leftover homemade bean and veggie soup from last night's dinner coupled with a small baked potato. Again, all of the nutrients needed for our bodies in a delicious package! For my man, I wrapped his already-baked potato neatly in wax paper and ladled some soup into an empty canning jar with a lid, and he was good to go.

I am always grateful for the opportunity and blessing to feed my family with nutritious and tasty foods.

May you enjoy every moment of this God-gifted weekend and savor each bite of health and flavor He sends your way!

Enjoy today,

*Both photos in today's post are courtesy of Bing Images.

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