Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Smiling In the Dark

Our heads rested on our pillows, his strong arms encircled my frame.  I whispered quietly into the silence of a house finally at rest for the day, children's bodies peacefully sleeping in their beds.

"When you blew out your candles, what did you wish for?"

I know this is a semi-sacred question, one we're taught from childhood not to ask.  Engrained in each of us by society  is the suspicion that if we tell our wishes...they won't come true; that to speak them aloud is the death of a dream.  Holding the hand of that idea is the notion that it is exceedingly impolite to ask another what their wish is.

I couldn't help myself.  This man of mine; we are one flesh.  Our hearts beat as one before our God.  We share goals, desires, dreams, children, love, pain, ministry, joy and aches.  

I yearned to know.

"Do you really want to know?"


"I didn't make a wish."

"No wish??"

"No.  I simply prayed a prayer of thanksgiving.  I thanked God for my family:  for my wife, my three beautiful, healthy children and our home.  I thanked him for all of the good gifts in my life."

I smiled into the darkness.

Abba Father, 

Thank you.  Thank you for all of Your good and perfect gifts.  We know they are only and always by your hand.  Open our eyes to see those gifts every moment of every day.  

In Jesus' name ~ Amen.

Enjoy today,

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