Friday, February 1, 2013

A Kitchen Takeover

"Guys, is it almost ready?"  I queried.

"Shhhhhh!"  Isaac shushed me firmly, a smile playing on his lips. He motioned wildly, finger jabbing toward the bedroom where his daddy slept.

The scene was early this morning, but these three little munchkins had been plotting this surprise kitchen takeover for a full month.  Planning meetings took place in early January, Tannah at the helm.  Paper decorations had been snipped and colored, childish scrawl streaming across banners:  "Congratulations, Mom and Dad!"

The lavish menu consisted of so much richness of fare, I had to pare it down a bit.  The band of three proudly presented me with the fruit of their hard labor when meeting:

orange juice
cut up fruit
cake pops

We narrowed it down to pancakes and coffee.  The essentials, you know.

As I tucked them in last night, each whispered sleepily through half-open slits of tired eyes, "Don't forget to wake us up, please."

So wake them I did, and they brought their cooking skills to the table.  Josh walked in, fully surprised, and the delight was smattered across their faces like chocolate cake on the face of a birthday child.  
These moments, they are precious and slip all too easily through the crevices of our awareness if we let them.  

Instead, we sat at the table with hands joined and gave thanks to God, the giver of all good gifts.

Enjoy today,

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