Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Art Of Puttering

No, these are not the doors to Narnia.  But that was obvious.  Those would be found in the depths of an aged cedar-lined wardrobe in a spare room.  Which these clearly are not. 

On the contrary, these are my worn and painted kitchen cabinet doors.  I share them with you because this afternoon I partook in the age-old occupation of puttering.  What is puttering, exactly?  Glad you asked.

Puttering is a bit of this; a bit of that.  In fact, when I engage myself in puttering I feel altogether rather Hobbit-like; quite homey and comfortable. 

I puttered about this afternoon.  Though these white painted cupboards were once quite crisp and shiny, they now show their use.  I sprayed them all down with my plant-based cleanser and scrubbed with a sponge.  Shined them up right good.  (Yes, I've been reading a couple chapters of Amish fiction this afternoon as well.  Wunderbar gut, isn't?)  If you have ever read any Amish fiction, that will make perfect sense.

So what else did my specific sort of puttering involve?  A trio of baskets of warm fluffy laundry to be folded, some email responses, general chick care and upkeep and a piece or three of chocolate birthday cake.
Once those loose ends were all tied up, I wrote new verses on my chalkboards as well as tomorrow's dinner on the menu board.  This was followed with some candle lighting, children bathing and Lego kit creation admiring.
You see, puttering is the process of putting into place all of those odds and ends that have been hanging about just waiting to be set to right.  If what you are doing is not refreshing; you simply are not puttering.  Take it slow, put all of the hurry and fuss out of your mind and enjoy the process.  Now you're puttering.

Never puttered before?  Give it a whirl this week!  You'll be oh so glad you did.

Enjoy today,

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