Monday, February 11, 2013

Maximizing the Moment

Tonight I worked in a quick Tabata class.  I had never experienced Tabata before tonight.  It was pure insanity for 30 minutes. 

Basically, it's the housewife's equivalent of boot camp.  Except it's only 30 minutes.  
I entered the fitness room and took stock of the situation.  All of the other participants were setting up their gear.  So I followed suit.  I positioned my work station and waited for class to start.  I tried not to look too long at the gear, as it struck the desire to chew my fingernails in nervous energy. 


Even the name is intense.  So what happened?  We did 20 seconds of high-focus exercise, then stopped for 10 seconds.  Then again:  same exercise for 20 seconds, stop for 10 seconds.  And again and again and again.  I'm not sure how long this went on.  But I felt every single second of it.

It was hard; it was laborious; and I grunted like a pig. Yep.  Not a pretty word picture there; but quite accurate.  Making ugly workout faces I could clearly see in the full-length wall mirror, I huffed and I puffed. 

But you know what?  These are our opportunities.  When you have set aside a time to work out, work yourself to the full; and then work yourself some more.  You have committed this specific time up to do something wonderful for your body and your health.  Maximize it.  Push hard; and then when you think you can't go any further, push even harder.  It all adds up over time, and you will see results.

Enjoy today,

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