Monday, February 4, 2013

Cooking with Gina!

Ahhh...a beautiful end to a great day filled with gathering with the church body; then Super Bowl fellowship, food and great times. 

I can think of few things better here on earth than meeting together with the body of Christ, our family, to worship the Lord.  We did that this morning, as we do every Sunday morning.  There is something so inspiring about a room filled with God's presence alive and well in the people gathered there.  Hands raised heavenward, our hearts are equally extended toward God's throne of grace.

We come expectantly, waiting on the Lord to see what He has for us each new day. 

He is there with us, and He moves in each of our hearts, binding us collectively together as one unit.

We shared in some beautiful fellowship with Christian brothers and sisters as well this afternoon in our home.  It was a cozy gathering of friends for the Super Bowl.  Snacks abounded, and laughter was aplenty. 

My sweet friend Gina offered to show me how to make her famous Filipino soup and graciously allowed me to share her recipe with you!  You'll be sure to want to file this one away and cook it up at your earliest opportunity.  Amazing!

Enjoy today,

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  1. You guys are sooooooo adorable!!! im definitely going to make this soup. I feel like i could smell it watching you. :-)

  2. Thanks, Beejay! We had the best time cooking together. And yes, the smell was AMAZING. Super delish. :)