Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tasty Nibbles

This past Sunday two little apron-clad girls cavorted about my kitchen.  While the ladies worked on the party food, the girls were busy at work with their own creation.
Cake pops, minus the pop.  Really just cake balls since Tannah has already used up her Christmas stash of cake pop sticks.  Nonetheless, they were tasty.  And the best part?  Those girls owned it.

They found the recipe book, chose the flavor and went at it.  Flour flew through the air.  Sugar was sprinkled all about.  But their smiles just couldn't be beat.  Once these little babies were taken out of the cake pop maker, they chose their toppings.  A homemade glaze, powdered sugar, sprinkles; it was all there.

And they were beautiful.

When they finished they tidied the table and swept up the floor.

But you know the best part?  The mess, the process; it was all worth it.  To give your children the gift of learning to serve others and create; these make for a worthwhile venture. 

And every bite was delicious.

Enjoy today,

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