Monday, February 25, 2013

She Goes

My beautiful friend, Kathy, travels to Ecuador in just a few brief days to meet her sponsored child.  Her bags are packed, travel documents and immunizations are all in order; and she is picking up last minute toys as gifts, such as marbles.

By all standards, she is more than ready.

And the most prepared part of her?  Her heart.

The depths of Kathy's heart for God are simply unfathomable.  Her husband, Brad, lost his battle to cancer a few years back while gaining the ultimate victory; now being eternally in the very presence of Jesus Christ.

 Brad and Kathy's love story is the stuff that Disney movies are made of.  They complemented each other perfectly.  He adored her sparkling quick wit and compassionate soul, and she likewise found joy in his infectious laugh and winning smile.  Brad loved music; and even more he loved to use his gift of music to lead people to the cross.  In his last days when he was drained of energy and weak, we would see him each Sunday morning using every ounce of strength that he had leading our church family in worship as our worship minister. 

He didn't have to come. 

He came of his own volition, simply because it swelled his heart beyond compare to share his love of our Savior with others in song.  

He wanted us to glimpse heaven as he did. 

I share this with you so that you may understand what left Kathy when Brad had to go.

But you know what she did?  She grieved, yes; and sometimes she grieves still.

But within this season of mourning she has also danced.  Kathy has never stop serving our Savior for a moment.  She continually serves at our local crisis pregnancy center, teaches an Adult Bible Fellowship class, is primary caretaker for her ailing mother, speaks at churches to inspire others in their journey; and now, travels to Ecuador to bring a smile in the name of Jesus.

No matter what she felt, no matter the depths of mourning which naturally run their course; she never stopped.  She doesn't sit and waste her finite minutes here.

She goes.

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Enjoy today,

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  1. Thanks for sharing Kathy's story! I work with her at the CPC and can't wait to hear about her trip to Ecuador! It makes me happy to know that she is taking your soaps to the people there :)

  2. She is a dear one, isn't she? We so look forward to hearing her stories as well from her trip; as well as learning the stories of the soap deliveries.

    Thank YOU for all of your work at the CPC. That is a very essential and eternal ministry, and you are doing a great work for God's kingdom. Keep it up!