Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Just Do It

The rain started to blow in today and the sky turned mighty gray and cold.  That said, I took my walk on the treadmill in the gym. 

Honestly?  I didn't feel like working out at all today.  There was no gumption happening in any form or fashion here.  Whenever the weather turns all stormy, I just want to hunker down and wait it out.

I read recently that fit people exercise every day.  No ifs, ands or buts; they just plain do it.  A bit of Nike, if you will.  "Just do it." 

Since one of my main goals in this whole exercise/eating deal is to simply be fit, I am trying to do what fit people do.  This whole line of thinking is what propelled me out of my house and onto the treadmill.

Our ladies' Bible study is memorizing the Sermon on the Mount this month.  We are taking it two verses at a time; chewing slowly and attempting to assimilate it into our hearts and minds through the Holy Spirit.  I took along my tattered little gray book with Jesus' words spoken on a mountainside scrawled inside and studied the scriptures for this week. 

As I walked, I imagined hearing His voice speaking these same words to the multitudes; seeing His eyes flicker with the light of life as He shared.  His kingdom amazes me.  It doesn't play out at all in the manner we are trained by society to think that it should.  The culture as a whole teaches us to respond reciprocally to a person. No, in Jesus' realm, most things are upside down from the way we generally see them.  It's only through His divine nature taking up residence in our hearts that He begins to radically alter who we are for His glory.

Enjoy today,

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