Monday, March 4, 2013

There and Back Again

Hi there, friends!  Today's walk in my 31-day walking challenge was fairly straightforward.  I walked down the block to meet a friend for a morning run.  After running a bit over two miles, I walked back.  There you have it.

There and back again.

The morning air was brisk and chilled; the sun barely peeking over the tips of the neighborhood pines.  I thought I could see my breath, it was that cold.  I arrived at the corner a few minutes early and knelt down to stretch.  As my muscles slowly awakened from their nighttime slumber, I breathed deep into my lungs and allowed the cold of the air to fill me.

Our run was good, and it was even better to see the warm smile of a friend first thing in the morning and chat about our days.

There is something so profoundly simple that God has instilled in the heart of fellowship; that yearning of individuals to come together and know and be known.  What is even more resonating with the soul than a simple friendship, is true communion within the body of Christ.  When a person finally begins to grasp even the tip of the understanding that our Creator loves us, their heart becomes a fiery testimony of His love.  God sears His mark upon our hearts and once we have come face to face with that love, we are never the same.  

So you take that person, the marked one, and put them in community with other believers.  This is a uniting of souls, of people who understand a like faith in One whom they cannot yet see; and there within that breath of God is unity.  We who believe in Christ for our salvation are travelers walking the same trail, finding our source of life and hope in Him and our mutual love for Jesus.  

This is good.

Community and fellowship within the body of Christ are some of the most precious gifts and we dare not take them for granted.  To do so would be a great travesty.

Enjoy today,

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