Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Spinach Has Sprouted!

As our family's homemade beef stew simmers on the stove-top and our accompanying loaf of freshly ground whole wheat bread finishes up in the bread machine, I thought I would rest for a few minutes and share our day with you.
Look closely.  Can you see it?  Spring! 

My spinach seeds have finally germinated and sprouted.  I have to tell you, although I checked them daily for four weeks and prayed over them diligently, I was beginning to have my doubts about their viability.

Nevertheless, I checked again this morning and there they were.  In all their fresh from the earth green glory, rows and rows of tiny sprouts pressing out of the earth and standing tall.
 I am jubilant.

If you recall, we consume a lot of spinach and greens here.  We can't wait to start eating our own from our backyard garden again this spring!
We also spent a good portion of the day working together as a family on our chicken coop.  We have used almost all donated/reclaimed lumber from friends up until this point and are now scouring reclaimed sources for some pressure treated plywood for the walls.  It's coming together, and just in time, because these babies are growing!

As soon as I sign out here, I am taking my pup for a quick spin for our daily walk. 

Take advantage of any beautiful spring days and get out there and grow something!

Enjoy today,

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