Sunday, January 13, 2013

Adventures In Green {Smoothies}: Day 13

These adorable duckies floated by in their ice-blue punch bath of suds.  A sunny-smiled elementary school girl scooped out portions into plastic cups with the greatest of care.
To the right set this work of art:  a "Waddle it be???" cake. 

The setting was one of the classrooms in our church building.  Immediately following service today, a group of ladies and our daughters gathered in the room to celebrate one of our friend's pregnancy and expected new baby. 

And yes, I must share with you a picture of the giant platter of pancit ~ that most delicious Filipino treat.  I tell you, I could sit down and eat a whole vat of it myself, given the opportunity.  Today I simply watched Tannah enjoy it.  

When I arrived home, I made one of my favorite green smoothies yet for my lunch. Ready for this?  Spinach, banana, grapefruit, green apple, orange juice concentrate.  Wow!  It had the nicest tart little kick to it.  

Our family truly loves Sundays.  We look forward to this day all week, the gathering of the corporate body of Christ in worship to Him and community.  We hear a sermon preached from His Word, sing in worship together and encourage and pray for one another.  And some days, like today, we have the special privilege of sharing in fellowship with one another after service.  Is there truly anything better here on earth, before we are finally home in heaven?  I think not.
As the body of Christ we laugh together, cry together, rejoice together, mourn together, celebrate, cheer one another on, confront each other in love, restore one another, hold each other up when we are weak and pray for each other.  We celebrate life, including the new lives of little ones born into our family.  God is so good, and there is a sweetness that cannot be found anywhere else on earth except within His family. 

Did you miss today?  Mark it on your calendar to get in a local Bible-preaching Jesus-following church.  You will never regret it.

Enjoy today,

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