Monday, January 7, 2013

Adventures in Green {Smoothies}: Day 7

I just ate all of this for lunch.

Without a fork.

Blended into a smooth frothy fresh green, I drank it down.

My stomach is satisfied.  I have had enough.  My energy levels are starting to peak and soar through the ceiling.

As we close out our first week on this journey of 31 days of just smoothies, I'll give a quick recap.

The chickpea-lentil smoothies were terrible.  Never try it.  You heard it here, now you never need to put yourselves through that misery.  Don't do it.  If you are trying smoothies and like variety, buy different fruits, greens and nuts.  I repeat, chickpeas and lentils do not belong in smoothies.

Here's another little insight:  there are highs and there are lows, as there are with any challenge.  Hold onto those highs and know that the lows will pass.  During the lows, hold to Jesus, look into His face and ask for strength, and press on.  Then remember that a high will come.  Josh and I have not specifically dedicated this smoothie journey as a spiritual fast, which is why I am talking about it so freely.  The catalyst for this adventure was simply health; and as in all things for the Christian, we look to our God for strength.  

There are moments when I feel absolutely depleted of energy.  There are also moments when I want to run into the kitchen and grill up that bacon-jalapeno-cream cheese-hamburger I just saw on the Travel channel.  And there have been moments when I wanted to toss my rickety blender with its curious "ca-chink" blending symphony into the trash.  

But I haven't.

Because more than these moments, there are the ones when I weigh myself and see the numbers going down.  There are the other moments when I feel a happy, balanced energy coursing through me without the need to re-caffeinate or sleep more hours.  And the moments when I hear about others embarking on similar journeys to health in their bodies and using them for God's glory fuels me onward.

So, what's on your plate today?

Enjoy today,

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