Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Adventures In Green {Smoothies}: Day 30

We are down to one day!  Three smoothies more apiece, and we will have hit our allocated total of 93 smoothies each within the month of January.  It's a sheer miracle, my friends.

And I, like this blossoming butterfly captured on camera in our garden last fall, am ready to emerge from this self-inflicted cocoon of green smoothies into the realm of food saturated with texture and flavor.  And colors; oh yes, colors.  Something beyond the green, brown or puce; hues that are all separate and distinct, each retaining its own individual color identity.  That's what I look forward to on my plate.

In one more day, we chew.

This has been an amazing month of slimming down, toning up and detoxing; and we are looking forward to eating food!  I told Josh I may never suck my food through a straw again until the day I am forced to.  Kidding.  Green smoothies will still be a regular part of our breakfast routines; just not all day every day. 

Press on toward your goals, friends!  They are attainable.

Enjoy today,

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