Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Adventures In Green {Smoothies}: Day 22

Things are getting chickie 'round here!  We have on pre-order a group of sweet little chicks that we will be welcoming into our home within the next few weeks.  Our children can barely contain their excitement.  Handmade drawings of fluffy chicks (well, maybe it's a duck; but who's keeping track?) and chickens abound.

And while putting Tannah to bed tonight, I found this:
 Let me break it down for you, as told by Tannah.  What your eyes behold would be the first ever chick swing.  She will be tying a string to the top and hanging it from a branch.  At that point, she will lay a nice tuft of cotton balls in the base of it and place said chick on top of the cottony pillow.  She will then gently rock the kaleidoscope of colors until her sweet little baby falls asleep.

So there you have it.  We don't have these babies in our possession yet, and they have already been named such things as "Legolas", "Tweetie Bird", "Yoda" and "Esther".  Just knowing that we have both boys and a girl in our home, I think it's fairly apparent by the names who chose which names.

We are still drinking our greens three times a day here!  And, a beautiful intersection was crossed today.  I wrote up our meal plan and grocery list for the week and realized it will be my last grocery shop which will carry us through to the end.  Glory to God!!!

Enjoy today,

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  1. I had to share with you our chicken's names. The kids named them all. Here's the roster: Mama, Papa (a hen), Shyah, Runt, Layla, Barbara (a Barred Rock), Maggie, Midnight, Violet (a Lavender Orpington), Tootsie, Molly, StrawberryLove, Lucy, and Sassy. Plus banty roosters: Milton ( a Mille Fleur), Colonel Sanders, Mike, and Scrappy.

    Y'all are gonna have so much fun with your chickens! SO happy for y'all! :-D Also, the eggs are amazing.

    P.S. The feed we use comes from a company in Va.- organic, non-GMO, and soy free!

    1. LOVE these names, Heidi!! Too adorable. No one can come up with pet names like a child can.

      Isaac told us yesterday that his chicken will be named "Tweetie Bird" when she's little. When Tweetie Bird reaches full-fledged hen status, he will then re-name the chicken because "It would just be weird to have a grown chicken named Tweetie Bird" (Isaac quote). Love it!

      Please let me know the name of your feed company. We are definitely interested in organic, non-GMO and soy-free! Many thanks!!

  2. http://www.countrysideorganics.com/contact/ Great feed! Only one place around here sells it and we drive all the way to Atl to get it.


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