Monday, January 28, 2013

Adventures In Green {Smoothies}: Day 28

Three days.  Nine smoothies.  That's how many we each have left.  Three days!  Amazing.

This evening we sipped some spinach~banana~peanut butter ~peach~strawberry~almond milk smoothies.  A nice protein booster after our evening workouts.  Josh and I have both been exercising this entire month -- mostly just moderate level cardio -- and we look forward to next month when we can begin again to incorporate some more strenuous exercise!  It will be nice to switch it up a bit more between weights and cardio when we are taking in a more regular amount of calories.

In other news, I performed a quick refurbishing on one of my useful kitchen tools today.

This little baby rests sinkside in my kitchen each day.  This is what she looked like before:
I picked it up at a yard sale a few years back for a dollar or two; a sweet little Lenox ceramic tray.  I have kept it handy next to my sink ever since and used it as a catchall for sponges, soaps, sink stoppers, etc.  After scrubbing it down infinitely with cleansers while cleaning it each week, I finally decided to give it a coat of spray paint.

Out came the can of Rustoleum's oil-rubbed bronze, and two minutes later, voila!
I'm going to let it cure for three days or so, then put it back into action.  This spray paint is one of my favorites.  I have used it on dresser handles, lamp bases and more.  Love it!

Look around you.  Is there something you thought of throwing out but can give fresh life to today?  With just a bit of time, you can turn a cast-off into a well-used tool!

Enjoy today,

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  1. I used that spray on our bathroom fixtures and doorknobs. Good idea on the soap dish. :)

  2. Love that ORB spray paint! It struck again the other day when I sprayed the toilet paper holder. Good as new. :)


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