Thursday, January 24, 2013

Adventures In Green {Smoothies}: Day 24

With temps this week in the 20's, I have lost all semblance of any sort of fashion-forward thinking.  It's cold, and I am seeking to be warm.  Good-bye cute little suede boots with the heel, and hello clunky double-lined red boots.

I don't mind in the least, because they are warm.  If there is a fire in our fireplace, you can find me somewhere nearby.  The sauna at the gym?  Oh yeah, I'm there, too.  And don't forget those nice steamy hot mugs of water that I curl my fingers around by the hour to retain heat.

These smoothies, they're great.  But there is something about drinking an icy drink three times a day and never taking in a hot meal that wears on a body.  I wasn't made for it, but I sure am grateful for sustenance.  

We are down now to seven days!  Seven days!  Can you believe it?!  I thought this month would never end when it started; but here we are, seven days out.

Glory to God ~ I can see the finish line. 

If you have resolutions you are working on, keep at them!  Keep plugging away, bit by bit, and you will see results!

Enjoy today,

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