Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Adventures In Green {Smoothies}: Day 23

Tamara opened her smiling mouth to shout instructions into the headset mic, and with two syllables my heart catapulted quickly into my toes and my lips went numb.

"Free style!"

All the 30 other ladies in my morning Zumba class immediately broke into seemingly effortless hip-swinging, foot-tapping gyrations; while I awkwardly stepped from side to side and clapped off-beat like I was at my first seventh-grade dance.

Dread pierces my heart when we reach this point of the exercise routine.  See, I can learn the steps (mostly), and I can smile my way through them.  But tell me to free-style and I just know I'm about to be found out for the church-raised girl, preacher's wife that I am.  The lack of synchronization in my limbs tells the whole story.  No explanation or words are necessary.

And yet, on I dance.  Why?  Because daily exercise is necessary for the body and good for the soul.  And doggone it, it's fun!

So there you go.  This is your official permission to get out there and exercise.  Have fun.  Look a little foolish.  But so be it.  This is your one body in this one life before heaven; use it to the fullest for God's glory.

Enjoy today,

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