Sunday, January 27, 2013

Adventures In Green {Smoothies}: Day 25 (Re-post)

We interrupt the regularly scheduled daily posts to bring you a re-post of Day 25.  Sadly, Day 25 was mistakenly deleted.  We are happy to report that it is now back, just a bit out of order. 

Snow here is a rare occasion; something to be treasured. As soon as those fluffy flakes started falling, out ran my little kiddos all clad in their boots, gloves and winter coats. A giant snowball fight ensued, even though we had to scrape the ground in order to make our snowballs.

I joined in the fun, toting my dinner smoothie with me. Tonight's smoothie I'm sporting here is kale-banana-grape juice concentrate-mixed frozen berry. Tasty as usual! I was hoping the few flakes falling in might add a bit of pizzazz.
What they didn't add in flavor, they more than compensated for in ambiance!

We work hard together as a family here in our home. We also serve together in ministry as a daily part of our lives. And whenever the moment and schedule permits, we have a boatload of fun together!

To be together is a gift. These people are only this size and this age in our lives for a season. All too soon, this season will pass and they will journey on in their lives. This is appropriate, and this is the natural order of things. We celebrate all that the Lord has in store for them in their futures!

Right now, for this moment, we are cherishing each moment of our close togetherness, and discipling these children as we walk along the way together.
Enjoy today,

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