Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Adventures In Green {Smoothies}: Day 29

Isn't this crazy?!  Just four days ago we took pictures in the snow wearing our insulated red boots, gloves and winter coats and shared it with you.

Today we took our family exercise routine to a nearby park.  We hiked around the mirrored lake which was speckled with ducks and other water fowl.  They seemed to be equally enjoying the unforeseen high temperature of mid-60's, basking in the warm sunshine with a happiness equal to ours. 

The kids spotted their beloved giant magnolia and quickly scampered up its limbs.  Isaac made it all the way to the top and called back down, "Caleb, you have got to come up here!  I feel the morning breeze!"  It was 4:30 p.m.  But hey, who's to stop the little guy from feeling the  morning breeze at the tip-top of a giant tree he has just scaled?  Not I.

Josh and I rested back easy on a bench facing the water and took in the scenery while the kids continued to play and climb behind us.  The branches would rustle loud and we would hear Tannah's voice boom out deep in her attempt at catching someone unawares, "I am a talking tree.  You can hear my voice, but you cannot see anyone.  That is because I am a magical talking tree."

This would be followed by three children giggling uproariously, and the people walking the well-trodden path smiling up knowingly.

God is so good, and His created nature is simply marvelous.  We love to escape to the out of doors anytime possible and simply bask in His glory.  The variety and magnitude of His creation is simply incomprehensible; a very present and tangible daily reminder of his power and grace combined.  We worship our Creator when we marvel in His creation. 

Oh, and yes, TWO MORE DAYS of smoothies!

Enjoy today,

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  1. iam so glad you are happy my frind i will have to try love seen you and your little ones injoying the out side i am also an out side lady love what god has sent us to injoy nature love what you are doing in joy your photos hun


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